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I'm a freelance sound designer, author and music professional working from my studio in Nørrebro Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a trained Tonemeister from the Royal Danish Academy of Music and sound is my livelihood and my great passion. After all, sound communicates so much - and we hear it even though we do not listen...


sound design

Sound speaks to our emotions. That's why I love working with sound design. It is truly precision work and even the smallest adjustments can have a huge impact on the final expression.

sound design for apps

When I work with sounds for apps I love to explore different sound worlds. It allows the client to get a taste on more than one expression and helps get an overview of different approaches to the same function. I've worked with apps such as Danske Bank Mobile app and the running app SHFT.

example: app sound worlds

round wood 




organic harmonies
precision mechanics







logo sound design

 Logo sound design and sound identities for corporations is both a passion and a field in which I have more experience than most within the field of sound. My process can be any way you like but I love the proces of working together with my clients - turning mission and vision statements into sound.

Don't hesitate to reach out and we'll find a process that fits your way of working.


sound design on video

Sound design and foley work is all about timing and creativity. I often do recordings myself and I love to work in multiple layers, making the expression unique and engaging. 

Continental exhibition - Automechanicha, Frankfurt.

LOC "X" - Sound Design intro and outro.

Marengdeluxe Explainer - Sound Design, Music & VO.

Chevrolet Concept Car - Shanghai Auto Show

Mustang Trailer - Sound Design & Music

Ørsted 2020 - Sound Design & Mix 


I work with music on all levels from composition and songwriting to arrangement and production. You will always find me working on a music project - whether it is music for commercials, my alias "TomTomTom" or music for a company's sound identity.


examples: music

TomTomTom, "Pastures of Heaven" 2019.

Sveriges Riksbank 2015.

IKEA SPRIDD 2016 (Topp, Kringel, Brenneche).

Ingenmandsland, "En Sang" 2012.

TomTomTom, "The Pearl" 2020.

TomTomTom, "Song of The Waves Pt.1" 2020.


I write, narrate, and produce audiobooks for kids. It's great being a one-stop shop for publishing houses and I love to write the stories as well as the music. 



Music & Sfx's

Sound edit & Master




A: Rådmandsgade 55, 2200 København N

T: 40358369

CVR: 33888449

Copenhagen, DK

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